Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monster Dr. Padeniya meets his waterloo ! retributive justice for the harm inflicted on patients..!

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News - 03.April.2017, 5.00AM) The allegations made on  7th April in front of the Fort Railway station by Dr. Anurudha Padeniya the president of the GMOA  (better known as Dr. Killer) who even after taking the solemn medical oath of Hippocrates to primarily serve the people and the sick  when he was  appointed as a doctor , but nevertheless conducts  himself like a terrorist leader has been condemned furiously and fiercely  by the legal fraternity over his rash and foolish  accusations.
A group of lawyers are to take legal action against Padeniya the medical  doctor alias monstrous doctor for his remarks made on the 7 th against the sacrosanct judiciary which run  counter to  the established   laws and traditions of the country. His conduct was all the more reprehensible because he belonged to a noble medical profession , meaning that he therefore  degraded his own self dignity ,as well as  disgraced the medical  profession thereby.
Padeniya the doctor joker on  7th April  said , the justice administered  by courts is based only on the advice of the Attorney general (AG),  thereby insulting the judiciary in its entirety ( not any action of a judge) . His  outrageous comment was an absolute falsehood in relation to the courts . The doctor joker Padeniya  did not stop at that . He even went on to ask , why should the judges be paid a salary ? while claiming  they are fanatics.

The lawyers who are to take to the streets against Padeniya the buffoon state those announcements of his are clearly  tantamount to contempt of court , and a vilification of the entire judiciary . They are to therefore readying  to  sue him. 
Sadly the doctor killer  group of Dr. Monster Padeniya that  is best only at terrorizing the patients rather than treating  them  when in fact treating patients  is their inescapable  professional duty has once again threatened to stage an Island wide strike  next week if SAITM is not closed down. 
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