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Peace for the World
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Young journalist Nilakshan remembered on tenth anniversary of murder

Morning vigil at the monument for murdered journalists in Jaffna town. Nilakshan's nephew lays flowers.

Moment of silence: audience at Jaffna Hindu College remembrance event stand in silence, paying respect to Nilakshan, his fellow murdered colleagues and all Tamils who lost their lives during the armed struggle.

Nilakshan's parents lay flowers at Jaffna Hindu College remembrance event

02 Aug  2017
On 1st August 2007, Sahathevan Nilakshan, an up and coming Tamil journalist was shot and killed by suspected Sri Lankan military intelligence personnel.
At a time when the Jaffna district was on lockdown due to military-imposed curfew, and the city’s streets were heaving with troops, so-called unidentified gunmen were able to approach Nilakshan’s home in Kokkuvil, a busy suburb less than 5km away from town.
The perpetrators forced a friend of the journalist to accompany them to Nilakshan’s home and call him outside, before gunning him down.
On Tuesday, Nilakshan, journalist and popular student leader, murdered aged 22 while still a media student, was remembered in Jaffna on the tenth anniversary of his death.
On Tuesday morning, Tamil journalists along with Nilakshan’s family and friends gathered at the public monument to murdered journalists in Jaffna, a memorial built to remember at least 41 Tamil journalists assassinated during the armed struggle.

An afternoon remembrance service was held at Jaffna Hindu College, Nilakshan’s alma mater.
In loving memory: Nilakshan's nephew, also named Nilakshan, pays tribute at a private ceremony held at the family's home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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