Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shiranthi to get down Indian exorcists to cast a spell against CID

Shiranthi to get down Indian exorcists to cast a spell against CIDNew revelations made over death of  Wasim Thajudeen
 Aug 08, 2017

Shiranthi Rajapaksa did not appear before the CID on July 27 despite summons, to give a statement in connection with the Wasim Thajudeen murder. She informed the commission through her lawyers that she was unable to be present.

On the following day, Yoshitha Rajapaksa was summoned, but he asked for another date, saying doctors have advised him to take bed rest following a foot injury. However, according to reports reaching us, Yoshitha and Namal toured Ampara on that day.
Both Shiranthi and her second son Yoshitha are frightened that they would be arrested. Both have now been told to appear before the CID on August 14.
These days, Shiranthi is a familiar visitor at Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara. It is said that paying homage once at the Vihara is enough to negate all the sins. But, Shiranthi knows the amount of sins she had committed and makes it a regular activity to pay homage there. Chief incumbent Mahinda Sangharakkhitha Thera takes her to the Uda Maluwa and she chants all the Gaathaa she knows to seek protection. It may be irreverent here, but Sangharakkhitha Thera should be commended for breaking the tradition and allowing women into the Uda Maluwa.
For Shiranthi, it has become a daily routine to visit Devales, and if someone tells her that there was such and such a place with powers, she would be there the next day. As the last resort she is due to bring down exorcists from India and cast a spell against the CID investigators who inquire into the Thajudeen murder.