Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Information to the IGP about DIG (supplies)

Information to the IGP about DIG (supplies)

Aug 02, 2017

DIG (supplies) is Priyantha Weerasuriya. He joined the Police Department as a constable in 1988. He was promoted a sub inspector in 1994, but then left the service. He rejoined in 1998 as an ASP after gaining the required qualifications. Today, he is a DIG, and really a talented man. The fields he excels in are numerous.

Excels in both economics and biology
He is being talked about as a person who is very much learned in economics. That means his economy is very good (supplies is a best place for underhand dealings, according to those who are in the know). At a recent meeting of DIGs, Weerasuriya became a topic, and one said that he knew not only his economics, but also his biology. That DIG said that he caught Weerasuriya red handed with a policewoman at a hotel in Kandy. If that was a case of mutual consent, we do not question that.
Choosy when taking bribes
What is our concern is that he continues to be in charge of supplies for the police for six years now. One secret for his longevity there is that he does not take bribes from every supplier, but from a selected few only, and that too, in a very cunning manner. The journey he has come in the department is a manifestation of his good planning. But, at the Kandy hotel, it was a coincidence that he got caught with a policewoman.
Luxury house at Pelawatte
He is so cunning that no one knew that he was building a luxury house at Pelawatte. He was caught there too, by coincidence, by the mother-in-law of another DIG. She met Weerasuriya near the house he was building, and he told her that he was visiting a friend who was building the house. But, she too, was smart and the next day, went to the site and inquired from the masons about ‘the Mahattaya.’ Thinking that she was a friend of Weerasuriya, they told her that ‘the Mahattaya’ did not come often, and told her the entire story. She then informed the wives and mothers-in-laws of all the DIGs. The house was being built with the money earned by him with his knowledge of economy.
No shoes for the police
For the past one and a half years, members of the police have not received the shoes they should be given every six months (We know that the nature of their duties involve kicking suspects, and the shoes get broken very quickly). Neither the under vests or the uniforms. Weerasuriya is awaiting a supplier who suits his purposes.
Pujith is not a thief
Recently, he sent a supplier friendly with him to IGP Pujith Jayasundara, after advising the supplier to get him involved in the deal. The supplier told the IGP that he could support him if he was given tenders to make supplies. Jayasundara lost his temper, reprimanded the supplier and expelled him. We may criticize the IGP, but we do know very well that he is not a thief, although he is a non-starter. He did not pursue the incident any further, although attempted bribery is an offence, maybe he is too, busy with his ‘meditation’ programmes.
Special investigation unit, CID are napping
The police headquarters has received many complaints against DIG Weerasuriya. But, no investigation has taken place. The special investigation unit and the CID are napping, and he is going places with his economics and biology.
Is Pujith afraid of Weerasuriya?
There is a secret. The biggest strength Weerasuriya has is the Law and Order Ministry secretary Jagath Wijeweera. Secura Tec is a supplier best known to both. It is through this company, and with Weerasuriya’s recommendation that the police buys the dogs and horses. Both help themselves and their economies reach sky high. This is no secret to the IGP, but he takes no action, may be due to his fear of the ministry secretary.
But, here we are supplying information to the IGP. Previously too, we gave him information about the mother-in-law of the DIG who found out about Weerasuriya’s house building. She could be appointed head of a special unit to investigate the DIGs. She is quite capable of doing a better job than the CID.