Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another revelation on Lalith Jayasinghe; a luxury hotel built with policeman’s salary

Another revelation on Lalith Jayasinghe; a luxury hotel built with policeman’s salary

Aug 02, 2017

Fulfilling a promise given previously by Lanka News Web, published below are pictures of a 20-room hotel, owned by senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe and located near the beach at Thiranagama, Hikkaduwa in Galle.

Saved his entire salary?
A considerable amount of money is needed to build such a hotel at a location like this. The basic salary of a DIG is around Rs. 60,000. Jayasinghe should be commended for his effort and for having saved his entire salary to build this hotel.
Manoj Mendis gave the land
Leaving aside the money spent, the land on which the hotel is located was given him by former Rathgama Pradeshiya Sabha chairman Manoj Mendis, who was the leading underworld figure in the area. When he was shot dead by his underworld rivals on 23 March 2015, he had 13 murder charges against him, in addition to charges of robbery, assault, extortion and drug dealing. Mendis did all this with the power of the then Rajapaksa regime. We do not know as to why such a thug donated a land to Jayasinghe to build a hotel. But, there is evidence to prove that Jayasinghe had many dealings with the notorious politicians of the area.
Jayasinghe’s ‘contributions’ to tourism
Jayasinghe also made his ‘contributions’ to tourism. He gave protection to the main accused in the murder of British national Khurram Shaikh and gang rape of his Russian girlfriend at a Christmas party on 24 December 2011 at a tourist hotel in Tangalle. The then chairman of Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha Sampath Pushpachandra Vidanapathirana and his cronies committed the crime. If the country is filled with persons like Jayasinghe, Vidanapathirana could be qualified to hold the tourism minister portfolio from his prison cell.
Jayasinghe’s respect for Tangalle rapist-killer
When the CID went to Tangalle to arrest Vidanapathirana, Jayasinghe took him to them in his jeep, seating him in the front seat. While handing him over, Jayasinghe told the CID officials, “This is our chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha. He is blamed for others’ wrongs. Do not touch him.” Taking him to Tangalle police, the CID imprisoned him. Jayasinghe followed them to the police station, and seeing Vidanapathirana in the cell, said angrily, “Are you mad? This is our chairman. Can a respectable person like him be kept in the cell?” and took him out. But, the courts have found him guilty and Vidanapathirana is today behind bars.
Not a novice at harbouring criminals
All these make it clear that Jayasinghe is not a novice when it comes to harbouring criminals. He is presently in remand custody for having helped the main accused in the Pungudutivu schoolgirl Vidya gang rape and murder, to flee. The police commission has also suspended him from service.
If proper investigations had taken place previously into the special treatment given to Vidanapathirana as well as the political thug Atha Kota, who had killed the superintendent of Nooriya estate, Jayasinghe would not have remained in the DIG seat to harbour the Vidya murder suspect.
These should be lessons for the future to prevent juniors in the police from following the footsteps of seniors like Jayasinghe. If the police wants to save its face from numerous black marks against it, it should at least ensure that Jayasinghe was given the maximum possible punishment by the law.