Peace for the World

Peace for the World
First democratic leader of Justice the Godfather of the Sri Lankan Tamil Struggle: Honourable Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Field Marshal, where will this hatred end?

Field Marshal, where will this hatred end?

Jul 05, 2017

Last weekend, former commandant of the military police retired Maj. Gen. E.P.J.K. Wijesiri and his family members were expelled on an order by Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka while spending a holiday at the military police bungalow at Giritale in Polonnaruwa. Fonseka has that much of hatred for Wijesiri is because he was the second in command of the team that came to arrest him at his office in 2010. Leading that team was Maj. Gen. Manawadu, who died following a scaffolding collapse at a construction site around a year ago.

It was Wijesiri who took the initiative to build this bungalow when he was the colonel commandant of the military police. The field marshal has become so brutal as to expel a person who himself had built the facility.
Getting to know through a spy of his that Wijesiri and his family were spending a holiday at the bungalow, Fonseka immediately telephoned Maj. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake and ordered him to expel them. Yesterday (04) he was appointed the Army commander, but that weekend, Senanayake was the chief of staff of the Army.
Although severely inconvenienced and rendered helpless by that order, Senanayake reluctantly called Giritale Army camp commander Brig. Gamini Sirisena and told him to explain the situation to Wijesiri and ask him to leave. So, listening to Sirisena’s words, the ex-major general immediately took his leave, well knowing what will happen to Sirisena if he did not.
What implies from this incident is that Fonseka’s improper interference in affairs of the Army. He is a true soldier by both birth and soul. The real soldier respects humanity, but fulfills his objectives somehow. For that, exacting revenge is a must.
Senanayake has assumed duties as the Army commander. Fonseka supported him to the position by going after various politicians. But, if he did that to use him as a puppet, Fonseka should not be allowed to do that. That is because Senanayake is a person who is quite capable of rising up on his own. He has well studied reconciliation. For the past one and a half years, he had been the northern security forces commander and practically implemented reconciliation theories. It is the duty of all to allow such a knowledgeable person to do his job independently and impartially.
Field marshal, learn from the president
President Maithripala Sirisena has given a good precedence to revengeful soldiers who go after enemies and shot them on the head. Recently, a group of Sri Lankans living abroad met with him. While having tea with them, the president was asked by an additional secretary in charge of his diary if the marriage of a former MP was a must to attend. Checking it, he said, “Oh, Oh. This is a must. This is the wedding of a child of our former UNP Ampara MP Chandradasa Galappatti. I should go there for a special reason.”
He related that reason to the guests present. “I first entered parliament in 1989. One day, Mr. Vasudeva Nanayakkara grabbed the mace and created a big scene. Members from both sides had a free for all. Since I am new, I looked on what is happening, with my hand on my cheek. Suddenly, a government member came to me and asked me what I was looking at. I only smiled at him, but he hit me on the face. I fell down with my chair. Before he tried anything again, I ran out of the parliament thanking my mother for the milk she gave me. I got into my vehicle and fled. The person who hit me was this Mr. Chandradasa Galappatti. Therefore, I should go to this marriage somehow. That is how I take revenge from people. Then, they repent their whole life about the wrongs they did to me. But, I have nothing to repent about.”
We compared these two incidents to show that if he wants to become leader of this country one day, the field marshal have to cultivate many true human qualities.