Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Monday, July 31, 2017

Did an ex President get an Apartment almost for nothing from a UNP Minister? 

Did an ex President get an Apartment almost for nothing from a UNP Minister?

 Jul 31, 2017

While Ravi Karunanayake the current Minister of Foreign Affairs has been tried and convicted by sections of the media and is awaiting execution, the other perpetrators of the Bond crime are getting away Scot - free. 

To many people watching this saga from outside, this ‘trial-by-media’ circus is an attempt being made to vilify Ravi Karunanayake as the fall guy for this entire bond scandal episode, to save the Prime Minister and Malik Samarawickrama.
The commission should study the CCTV cameras on that day and the Finance Minister was not in charge of the Central Bank to give direction.
A Presidential Commission has been established by the President to look into possible illegal acts, shouldn’t the passing of verdicts of guilt, innocence or complicity left to the sole task of its highly respected panel of judges.
Meanwhile our investigators have discovered that a powerful UNP Minister had given a luxury apartment at next to nothing to a former ex President on Galle Road in 2014.
The apparent may now be held by a third party. This Minister who had been struggling with bank payments prior to the January 8 th election. Had made a cash payment of over 50 million after the election victory to bring his accounts up to order.
In the next few weeks our investigators will expose this full deal and also expose how this Minister was able to make those cash payments overnight to the bank and also his overseas many joint accounts in HongKong, Malaysia and China.