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Peace for the World
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

CID to take Lalith Jayasinghe to Jaffna!

CID to take Lalith Jayasinghe to Jaffna!

Jul 15, 2017

Pursuant to an order by the attorney general, the CID summoned senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe, and he was due to be taken to Jaffna at 9.00 pm today. He gave a statement to the CID for more than three hours, and the information he has given has given rise to the need to produce him before the Jaffna magistrate, who will decide if the senior DIG should be given bail or remanded, after considering a ‘B’ report to be filed by the CID.

In a challenge to the basic principle that everyone is equal before the law, Jayasinghe had been evading the law for nearly two years due to his personal and political connections, with his friends at the police commission too, giving him protection.
However, the CID and the AG’s Department could not refrain from summoning him due to the revelations made in open courts by witnesses to the Sivaloganathan Vidya gang rape and murder case being heard at the Jaffna high court and as per clause 127 of the criminal procedure code. It was him who had intentionally released Mahalingam Shashi Kumar alias Swiss Kumar, the main accused in the case. However, the CID managed to arrest him again in Colombo.
While all mainstream media in Sri Lanka were protecting Jayasinghe and Prof. V.T. Thamilmaran of the Colombo law faculty, only Lanka News Web exposed the truth, preventing the senior DIG from evading the law. Certain media accused us of fabricating things. We have details of many more incidents, but time is not right to reveal them. But, we urge the CID and the AG’s Department to again go through the death bed confession of the person involved in the murder of three persons including Choka Malli in Ratnapura during the presidential election. Further details will follow.

Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe arrested

By Yusuf Ariff-July 15, 2017
Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe arrestedlogoSenior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe has been arrested for allegedly helping a suspect in the murder of schoolgirl Sivaloganathan Vidya in Jaffna to evade arrest.
The 18-year-old student from Pungudutivu was abducted, raped and murdered while returning from school on May 13, 2015.
The incident sparked wide-spread condemnation and protests especially in her hometown of Jaffna while 9 suspects were arrested and indicted over the murder.