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Peace for the World
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

CPC trade unions agree to carry out essential services until talks

CPC trade unions agree to carry out essential services until talks
logoBy Yusuf Ariff-July 26, 2017
Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) trade unions engaged in the strike action have agreed to carry out essential services until 6.30pm today, when discussions are expected to be held with relevant authorities. 
The strike action was launched from midnight on Monday (July 24) based on three demands including the acquisition of Trincomalee Petroleum tanks complex to the CPC, acquisition of Hambantota Port Tanks Complex to CPC and modernization of the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery.
However, considering the inconvenience faced by the people, the government declared storage, transport and distribution of petroleum as an essential service through a gazette under the Essential Public Services Act last night.
Tri-force and police personnel had succeeded in releasing a fleet of fuel-filled bowsers of the Petroleum Corporation to the outside market, affected by the ongoing trade union action, by noon today (26). 
The fleet, comprised of re-fuelled 15 bowsers left the Kolonnawa Petroleum Complex around 1.00 p.m., together with non-striking Petroleum Corporation drivers and security personnel for distribution across the island. 
During early hours on Wednesday (26), Security Force personnel at the request of the Police entered the premises after the government declared supply of fuel as an essential service in a special gazette, issued late last night. 
Army troops while providing security to the storage premises would assist non-striking Petroleum employees with all possible technical assistance for supply of fuel, the Sri Lanka Army media unit said.