Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Video: Steve Sabella on the liberation of the self

23 June 2017
Palestinian artist Steve Sabella has dedicated his practice to investigating “why I felt alienated where I should belong,” namely, the city of Jerusalem where he was born.
“Through the art, I managed to unlock my mind,” Sabella, author of the recent book The Parachute Paradox, says.
That breakthrough required a “journey of introspection and … self-interrogation,” he adds.
Only by “confess[ing] to the self what it doesn’t want to hear,” according to Sabella, can “true liberation start.”
Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are not just fighting for the liberation of the land, but the liberation of the self, he asserts.
“If you manage to liberate the mind, then liberating the land is only a question of time.”
Video by Linda Paganelli for The Electronic Intifada