Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Izeth Hussain: Gentleman fought for True Reconciliation

Mr. Hussain is not a hypocrite, who tells something but doing completely different things. He, I believe, a gentleman by all meaning.

by Nilantha Ilangamuwa-
(June 16, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) He thought far beyond his times and environment! He wrote for generations! He articulated the events with true facts throughout the periods! His pen was honest! He acknowledged the danger of disunity! He felt insured in extremism! He has kept on writing to reinforce the true meaning of reconciliation, peace, unity and justice; in other words true value of all forms of living beings! He is a man of humanity.
Mr. Izeth Hussain, a retired diplomat who turned into a writer, passed away a few days go at his residence in Colombo. Shocking and saddening news indeed! We are extremely sorry to hear the demise of one of our best columnists.
This shocking news rang at the bottom of the heart while I was waiting for his regular column which he sent us every Thursday. But no more the email with a kind request for publication. The fingers that typed the email I was expecting is no longer going to type any single word again. He has taken the last breath and we as the nation have lost the fine mind of creative writings on the political and social situation in the country.
Mr. Hussain joined as a regular columnist for the Sri Lanka Guardian at our request, and since then he never forgot to send us his weekly column in advance while copying to other media outfits in the country.
He has written extensively! In every column, one finite line is shining while letting readers understand the core notion of humanity. He never advocated division on the basis of ethnic differences in the country; why can’t we live together? Despite claiming one’s share and using violence for achieving that why can’t we achieve our own common identity? He answered those questions needed by the grassroots of this society.
Mr. Hussain is not a hypocrite, who tells something but doing completely different things. He, I believe, a gentleman by all meaning. In our telephone conversations we have talked many issues in the country that we can find the solution without harming anyone but unfortunately, parties with vested interest are using violence while taking innocent people for granted.
He has brought some of best arguments to our readers such as deep-rooted and systematically ignored caste issue in Tamil Community, Strategies for the successful foreign mission, Islamophobia, non-violence strategies to strengthen peace and harmony among the ethnic groups – just to mention a few.
We have missed someone who should be with us in this crucial time. But, like we all he also has to face the reality of life.
However, the true messages through the words he penned will be remain with us and it is our duty to protect and act upon them.
May his soul rest in peace!