Peace for the World

Peace for the World
First democratic leader of Justice the Godfather of the Sri Lankan Tamil Struggle: Honourable Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hara-kiri, The Only Option For 6,217,162 Voters For Yahapālanaya

Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe Gone Mad!
logoNo mad man admits that he is mad. When you ask a patient at the mental hospital in Angoda if he is mad, he will without hesitating point towards the outside world and say all the mad men are out there. That is exactly what Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, the Minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana (believed to be allegedly hiding the fugitive extremist Buddhist monk Gnanasara) said in the Balaya TV show on 26 June 2017 on Hiru TV. He also claimed that everyone who signed a petition in support of Lakshan Dias, the Human Rights defender and Attorney at Law are “mad men” who should be in Angoda. A clear indication that he has lost his head. Lakshan Dias had to flee the country as he is being hunted by Wijedasa Rajapaksa’s goons. 
Wijedasa exceeded his ministerial powers and threatened to de-list Lakshan Dias as an Attorney. He is neither the appointing authority nor the one who has the power to remove Lakshan as an attorney. He, being a former president of the bar association has also intimidated the bar association to refrain from passing a resolution demanding an explanation from the Justice Minister for threatening a fellow attorney. Thus is the state of the Bar Association and the Judiciary in the much promised freedoms under Yahapalanaya.

Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe is also suspected of assisting hate mongers to destabilize the Government. He obliges the Rajapaksas due to the threats by the Joint Opposition strategists (who have his file) of exposing his misdeeds during the Rajapaksa rule and Avant Garde. A credible suspicion, given his close association with Senadipathi of Avant Garde and his attempts to set fire to this country through Sinhala Buddhist extremism. Wijeyadasa’s strategy is to drive away the minorities, especially the Muslims from the United National Party for failing to protect them. The UNP can never come to power without the minority votes. It is estimated that over 95% of the Muslims voted for regime change from the Rajapaksa hegemony.
Travesty of Justice
A fugitive monk who has over 84 police complaints by Muslims filed against him in different police stations and courts of law walks away on three counts of contempt of court- scot-free. The President, Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers should bury their heads in the sand with their rear end exposed if they were not aware that their Justice Minister and Attorney General plotted this coup to make a permanent scar in the judicial history of this wonderful land of ours. This is only possible in Sirilankaaawe….
As a citizen of Sri Lanka, I just have to ask “where the F…k” are the independent commissions that Yakapalanaya introduced with such fanfare. The Police commission should immediately resign if they cannot take action or act on the blatant police hypocrisy in dealing with this thug in robes by the entire police department. A fugitive monk, who has been visited regularly by his unholy disciples, could not be traced by 5 special teams deployed to arrest him. What a reflection on the Police Department? Who gave orders to the Special Task Force not to arrest him in Kurunegala? The monk was even carrying an unlicensed weapon when he was apprehended.  The STF would have made him eat humble pie if not for the intervention of the IGP, who has to tell Sri Lanka as to who ordered him to pull Gnanasara out of the hands of the STF or RESIGN immediately and observe sil in Gnanasara’s temple. The Prime Minister, who hereto was considered a non-racist is in the thick of this conspiracy of the President and his band of extreme racists in Yahapalanaya.
The Asgiriya Googly – “Koheda Yanne Malle Pol”

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