Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

GMOA trying to ride the high horse has a heavy fall worse than that of humpty Dumpty ! Calls off strike !

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News - 25.June.2017, 12.30PM) The GMOA (Government Medical Officers Association alias Government Medical Oppressors Association) of Dr. Monster Padeniya which launched an indefinite  strike within hours after citing the reason  that the students who violently stormed into the health ministry were brutally attacked , suddenly called off the strike yesterday (24) saying , it is a sequel to discussions with the president .
It is well to recall the minister of health Rajitha Senaratne held out a threat  that if the strike is ruthlessly continued , stern measures not taken by the government against the senseless strike hitherto would have to be resorted to henceforth .The  GMOA which was threatening to halt even that little emergency medical attention that was  being given by it if it is announced their strike is unsuccessful  , before 24 hours had elapsed , of their own accord revealed  they are  calling off the strike following their request to president and his consent for a discussion.

Based on the communique issued by the GMOA , they called off the strike citing  four grounds ….
1. Legal action in regard to suspension of enrolment of new students to SAITM, and conferment of degrees be concluded. 
2. The basic stance of the government in relation to  SAITM shall be taken up in the Supreme court (SC)  via the Attorney General (AG)

3. An assurance from the president that no room will be allowed to undermine the independence of the president of Sri Lanka Medical Council or its council.
4. A new program shall be initiated with a view to finding a solution to the basic issues that cropped up following the SAITM controversy which will not be detrimental to the people
It is most significant to note ,the GMOA (Govt. Medical Oppressors association which is another name to it ) does not talk of the alleged attack on students in its above four so called grounds for staging the ruthless inhuman  strike . It must be assuming the public are such fools they can be turned into buffaloes via their trickeries and treacheries , like how Padeniya and his GMOA turn into heartless beasts whenever they want to achieve their  own wicked selfish self propulsion at the expense of patients . 
With regard to  grounds  1 and 2 , already the appeal court has delivered a decision that the degree awarded by SAITM is legal , and during the examination of the appeal filed in the SC by the GMOA , that is the  ground the  government is certainly going to cite.  Hence the GMOA does not have to state that as something new.

Their 3rd ground is most hilarious . Of course no sensible person would expect the GMOA to cite better or valid  grounds because they have already demonstrated to the world by word and deed , they are a bunch of jokers making a mockery of their medical oath and profession. It is under  the same enactment that established  the SL medical council,  its president is appointed by the minister  of health. That is , his appointment is certainly political. Hence the GMOA making a new request to the government for the independence of the Medical council , in spite of the fact  this is the government that has appointed a number of independent Commissions to ensure the independence of the Medical council , is most ridiculous and ludicrous. 
As regards the 4th ground , the government has already introduced  very sensible  and reasonable measures ,and it is the GMOA and not the government which has concurred In them . Therefore the fourth ground should be cited and told  to the GMOA themselves. 
Might we point out the GMOA which commenced an indefinite strike suddenly calling it off of their own volition is because,  after the incident in which Ranjan Ramanayake exposed the private channeling  avarice (not practice) and hypocrisy of these so called  national minded doctors , the GMOA  realized in that backdrop , in the future these doctor monsters will not be able  to dupe the public any more since the public were already getting prepared to teach these  rascals a lesson of their lifetime (including  giving  them a good beating) if only the GMOA has continued with their strike another one more day . 
In addition , the GMOA leadership whose gaze is always fixed on earning filthy lucre  even at the expense of the country and its medical services despite  collecting salaries from the State perceived they would be hitting below their own belts if they continue the strike, for their private channeling practice earnings would be compromised. Already a number of doctors of the GMOA who are disillusioned and disgruntled with the Padeniya self seeking opportunists have returned to work ignoring the strike .
The whole country is happy that  the GMOA by trying to ride the high horse has had a heavy  fall worse than that of Humpty Dumpty . All because the GMOA led by empty donkeys like unconscionable Padeniyas tried to stage unjust and unreasonable strikes to cripple the national health services and put lives of poor patients in dire jeopardy to the detriment of the entire country. It  is hoped this  debacle will serve as a good lesson to all others too who stage strikes based on unjust and unreasonable  grounds. 
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