Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Environment destruction continues despite days dedicated to protect it! – Vedda chief

Environment destruction continues despite days dedicated to protect it! – Vedda chief

Jun 06, 2017

The continuous environment destruction is the only thing visible despite dedicating specific days to emphasise its importance, said Vedda chief Uruwarige Vannila Aththo, the leader of the Dambana indigenous people.
He emphasized the need of strict rules to protect the nature. Vannila Aththo expressed his view in his address as the chief guest of the Environment day commemoration programme organised by the primary division of the Vidyartha College, Kandy.
He stressed that since the ministerial position to protect the nature is with the President there are more possibilities to tighten the law against those who destroy the environment.
“It is difficult to enlighten the adults about the importance of protecting the nature. Therefore it is best to educate the children on these issues,” he added.
“I have been attending environment day events for the past 19 years as the leader of the indigenous people. Certain events were only for that day. But I’m glad to see that children of this school has done many things to conserve the environment,” said Vanniala Aththo.
And he stressed that protecting and conserving the environment has always been in the hearts and minds of the indigenous population of this country. “One cannot protect the environment unless you start some kind of fondness towards it. Organising events on the specific day alone would not serve the purpose,” he emphasized.
Principal of Vidyartha College Colonel Ranjith Rajapaksa, sectional heads, teachers, members of the Old Boys Association, students and parents participated the event. To commemorate the day a tree planting event was organized.