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Peace for the World
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cinnamon Garden police becomes three-wheeler park, Sagala finds for himself

Cinnamon Garden police becomes three-wheeler park, Sagala finds for himself

Jun 26, 2017

The Cinnamon Garden police, an A-1 grade very important police station in the Colombo municipality area, has today been relegated to a three wheeler park, subject minister Sagala Ratnayake found during an unannounced inspection visit this morning (26).

Policemen own 65 three wheelers
Every policeman attached to the Cinnamon Garden police own a three wheeler or two. And it has become a daily occurrence that they go on hires even during duty hours, according to complaints received by the law and order ministry. The situation has become such due to no OIC being appointed to the police station for nine months now. The acting OIC was not in when Ratnayake paid the visit.
Angered by the inefficiency and misconduct by the police, the minister telephoned DIG in charge of Colombo Pathinayake on his mobile phone, but he intentionally avoided answering the call. He did not get any response when he telephoned western province DIG Nandana Munasinghe either.
Later, Ratnayake telephoned the IGP, who was doing his morning exercises at the Police Park. He arrived at Cinnamon Garden police a short while later, and had no answer to give in the face of the barrage of questions thrown at him by the minister. He only managed to tell the minister that the Police Commission was responsible for appointing an OIC, but despite several reminders sent by him, it had not yet made the appointment.
The acting OIC there is a wealthy businessman and is known as a money-lender. His wife owns a beauty salon at Wellawatte. It is patronized by SSPs, SPs and ASP in Colombo. When they need a vehicle for a private matter, it is the acting OIC who come to their help.
Ratnayake has been receiving complaints about Cinnamon Garden police, and he paid the surprise visit to find out the truth for himself. Until this afternoon, the DIGs for Colombo and western province had not responded to the minister’s calls.
Await a detailed report about the three wheeler mafia by Cinnamon Garden police….