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Peace for the World
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Are Sirisena – Wijedasa such fools and obtuse ? asks Dr. Bahu (Video)

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News -21.June.2017, 11.30PM)   Dr.  Wickremabahu who made a huge contribution and worked indefatigably to steer the good governance  government to victory, speaking in relation  to the issue involving lawyer Lakshan Dias asked , ‘are president Maithripala Sirisena and Wijedasa Rajapakse such fools  and obtuse?

Dr. Wikremabahu was forced to ask this pertinent question , because even after a valid comprehensive report on the  insult and harassment inflicted on the Christian Evangelicans  was handed over to the president , the latter without taking the trouble to read it , has taken pains only to inquire about it and its correctness  from Rev. Cardinal a Christian representative of the holy Pope , when it is an obvious fact  they are opposed to the Evangelicans.
Dr. Wickremebahu rightly compared this moronic inquiry of the president with what took place during the period of Jesus Christ when the Roman ruler inquired about Jesus whether he was right or wrong from the very priests who were  against Jesus at that time . Of course the Roman ruler at least washed his hands off by  relying on that ‘justice’, whereas Wijedasa on the  other hand  , even without washing his own  blood stained hands is seeking to stain and splash the government with that cruel blood by trying to ‘crucify’ Lakshan the lawyer who spoke the truth, Dr. Wickremabahu bemoaned.

This is a gross betrayal of the very democratic struggle in general  that was waged to elect the government of good governance into power , and therefore it is hoped the UNP leader will come forward against this betrayal , Dr. Bahu said.  While Dr. Bahu is raising a hue and cry here against political opportunist Wijedasa best known as a  turncoat cum cutthroat  and Maithripala Sirisena , a number of local and foreign organizations for freedom and human rights have also  roundly condemned the double speak , double faced betrayals and shameless hypocrisy of Wijedasa Rajapakse who has so far as a minister of the very ruling government best succeeded only in proving  he is a rare chameleon in human appearance that can take even the form of a snake under the grass , and   a worst failure  when it comes to  performance of his ministerial duties for which he was actually appointed assuming he is a man with human qualities .
It is the Human Rights Watch which is leading the campaign of the local and foreign organizations that are condemning Wijedasa.  It is well to recall it was Human Rights Watch organization  that directly and vociferously raised its concerns and opposition against the brutal corrupt Rajapakse regime during its despotic reign. 
The video footage of Dr. Wickremebahu’s special statement is hereunder 
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