Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Friday, May 12, 2017

Why SLFP is sidestepping the Hambanthota Port ?

Why SLFP is sidestepping the Hambanthota Port ?

May 12, 2017

The Prime Minister is heading to China with a big delegation to promote investments. 

Unfortunately, for him President Sirisena is not agreeable to giving the Southern Port for 70 years to a Chinese Company. He has told his confidantes that 70 years is not workable.

Certain Monks have told the President they will fast unto death and this project is a money making venture for certain UNP Ministers. He had said 30 years was more realistic and that he can sell the deal to the SLFP.

Using GSP+ as a carrot Minister Samarawickrama had tried to convince some SLFP Ministers. They had told him without the United Kingdom GSP+ is worthless. Since 60% of exports to  the EU market go into the UK, Europe is still very little on Trade and Investment.

The mistrust in the Port deal is due to  the credibility of the decision makers in the economic cabinet sub committee. One being a discredit public servant found guilty by a presidential commission and the other who arranged a sweet heart deal to store paddy in Mattala, who has been disaster in the past.

The Minister in question according to a SLFP Minister had taken advance payments from the company. The entire deal stinks according to another SLFP Minister. The Minister further said the President has a lot of time for the Prime Minister but not for some of the deal makers making money as though this is the last run for the Prime Minister.

It is in the public interest for the Prime Minister to sort these issues out before he undertakes trips using tax payers money, when garbage is sitting on streets and people are getting admitted to hospital by the dozens with dengue fever. It is not the sole responsibility of the Health Minister only, the Prime Minister and the President are both responsible for managing crisis in the country.