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Peace for the World
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shooting at Hikkaduwa - 2 dead

Shooting at Hikkaduwa - 2 dead

May 23, 2017
Two individuals were killed as a result of a shooting that took place near the Divisional Secretariat Office of Hikkaduwa.
Police stated that the shooting had occurred at approximately 4.00 pm today (23), inside a printing press in the proximity of the Divisional Secretariat Office.
The two gun-shot victims were reportedly admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital for treatment, where they succumbed to their injuries shortly after.
According to the Police, two individuals had arrived in a motorcycle, entered the building housing the printing press, and proceeded to shoot two people within the building before fleeing the scene.
The Hikkaduwa Police stated that investigations were currently ongoing.
The victims were both revealed to be residents of Dodamduwa by the names of Thushan Dhanuddara and Sujith Himal, aged 26 and 34 years respectively.
The corpses have been deposited at the Karapita Hospital’s mortuary.
Police stated that the motive for the shooting has not yet been inferred.