Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Power supply takes hit from floods - 300,000 in the dark

Power supply takes hit from floods - 300,000 in the dark
logoBy Ayshwarya Yapa-May 29, 2017 

According to observations floods in Kaduwela, Kelaniya and Kohilawatta areas are slowly receding. Due to the blockages in low lands, the draining floods are stagnated at several locations. 

Over 250,000 have been deprived of electricity due to power failures and disconnections caused by the torrential rains, Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy says.
136,000 people have been deprived of electricity owing to the submerging of the Matara sub transmission grid alone.
About 50,000 of them have been supplied with power from Tangalle instead.
The Ministry’s Development Director, Sulakshana Jayawardana stated that the power distribution network had suffered significant damage from the heavy rain, and added that the rain also posed as an obstacle in the repairing of said damages.
The Minister of Power and Renewable Energy requested the public to refrain from traveling near the submerged sub transmission grids in boats.
Meanwhile, the Ministry also announced that the minor damages caused by the heavy rain to domestic electrical networks would be repaired free-of-charge.
Contact the following authorities in case of power outage:
Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) – 1987
Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited – 1910
Ministry of Power and Energy - 1901