Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Nimal Siripala proves he prefers to be a serpent under the grass ! -Pro good governance masses must fortify against foes

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News - 28.May.2017, 9.10AM)  Nimal Siripala who is holding a ministerial post under the good governance government has proved while being an SLFP  minister of transport is a  snake under the grass ,  double faced and is best at  playing worst double games.  
This was clearly demonstrated by him when he gave a ‘slap’ to the general manager (G.M.)  B.A. P Ariyaratne , who gave leadership and  ran the trains during the strike staged on the 5 th by the railways . In addition this rare double faced snake under the grass has even put the G.M. under the ‘guillotine’ , when in fact the latter should have been lauded .
This  double faced transport minister while  pretending  he was against the railway strike ,  was in fact giving support to it  on the sly . Ariyaratne on the other hand ,in the best interests of the nation based on his own discretion had taken measures along with the UNP trade unions to run the trains in order to minimize the inconvenience caused to the public.  Shockingly , Nimal Siripala the serpent had got incensed over it . 
At the cabinet sub committee meeting held on the 19 th , chaired by faceless Wijedasa Rajapakse another snake under the grass , the serpent Siripala via a letter had obtained the approval  to remove Ariyaratne from the post of G.M. , and replace him with S.M. Abeywickrema , a chief  mechanical engineer , a notorious scoundrel who is day and night among  the crooks  led by the MaRa brigand . 
Not long ago , on May 17 th , when a function was held at Sadaham Vihara , Ratmalana to accord a reception to deposed and people discarded corrupt Medamulana crook , it was none other than  Abeywickrema who played a major role in it, taking along with him the railway employees , and supplying the goods and baggage   of the department  . 
Today , it is this scoundrel of the den of crooks who is being propelled by serpent Siripala to the post of G.M.  If  a scoundrel like Abeywickrema is to be made the G.M. railways , a short time will suffice to topple the government of good governance through strikes alone. The double faced ,double tongued , double sized serpent Siripala  is hatching  that conspiracy. 
The character and putrid antecedence of  Abeywickrema whom the serpent is trying to promote can be gauged from the following incident : 
When Welgama was the transport minister , it was this same Abeywickrema and not any other who forcibly took out large quantities of iron from the Ratmalana factory. It was this same crook Abeywickrema who also permitted the  transport of lorry loads of timber out for and on behalf of Welgama;  each load was worth over a Rs. One million  . One of those lorries however was seized by the police ,and  a disciplinary  inquiry is still in progress  against Abeywickrema the blue brigand crook . 
Is such a crook going to be appointed as a G.M  ?
If the government that was formed by the pro good governance masses is being betrayed by scoundrels and rascals ,and are garlanding the opponents when  in fact they should be protecting and propelling the good governance government  ,   the challenges of the latter in the future should also  be faced by it through those discarded villains who were  garlanded  because the good governance masses will have no choice except leave the government .
If such  simple impending dangers cannot be visualized ahead , it is best to abandon politics and stay away from it.  If the United National alliance that propelled this ‘effeminate consensual alliance’   to power does not take a decision to form a government of its own and stand erect without swaying, at least during the remaining two and half years , it is better to honorably retire now itself .

By -Raellu Rala- 

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