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Peace for the World
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Minister Ravi to be changed next week at the request of Governor

Minister Ravi to be changed next week at the request of Governorravi-indrajith

Ravi & Indrajit clash on CBSL report

May 20, 2017
The Central Bank Governor has been working round the clock to get Minister Ravi Karunanayake removed from the Finance Ministry with the support of Crysantha Perera a monitory board member .
Ministry Ravi Karunanayke has been very critical of Governor Dr Coomaraswamy a man who worked for President Mahinda Rajapakse . He even collected funds for the Rajapakse’s by organizing fund raising events for the previous government. He was paid by the former government as an Adviser.
The Central bank is being run by Nivard Cabral’s cronies, Dr Coomaraswamy has become a puppet. The entire financial system is out of control thanks to Central Bank.
Commoraswamy’s sister is a good friend of the former President Chandrika .
The Former President Chandrika has done the needful we understand to convince the President to change minister Ravi, one man who had put his entire political future into Sirisena’s campaign, while Commoraswamy was selling Mahinda Rajapakse.
The former President is now extending her control by getting Mangala Samaraweera appointed as the Finance Minister.