Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Harsha de Silva: Are You Contributing To Instability?

Colombo Telegraph
By Amrit Muttukumaru –May 11, 2017
Amrit Muttukumaru
Reference your article published in the ‘Colombo Telegraph’ – “Sri Lanka’s Role In The Indian Ocean & The Changing Global Dynamic” you have shamefully IGNORED MY QUERY:
Open Quote
“How could you state:
when the yahapalanaya government of which you are a key minister demonstrably does not have the WILL to address the scourge of corruption and impunity in the country. This includes its own transgressions such as the alleged Central Bank Treasury Bond scams and the failure to introduce in parliament a credible National Audit Bill which was a major campaign promise.
After the January 2015 presidential election one does not witness the OUTRAGE demonstrated by you in its run-up which includes your press conference on 17 December 2014 in the presence of Eran Wickramaratne another Yahapalanaya minister where with a slew of files in tow you inter alia referred to casino, drug, ethanol MAFIAS and alleged MONEY LAUNDERING in locations such as St. Nevis & Kitts, Seychelles and Dubai.
Here is the link to your 17 December 2014 press conference. This must be a ‘new low’ for promises being reneged with impunity.
In the run-up to the elections you also referred to alleged unlawful EPF investments in the stock market.
Work on the ‘Colombo Port City’ project (now renamed) which you reportedly called “Colombo’s largest land scam.” in partnership with ‘China Harbour Engineering Company’ you alleged was “banned by the World Bank” from 2009 to 2017 is continuing.
What is the difficulty in pursuing these cases consistent with the rule of law if you have the evidence to back-up your claims?” CLOSE QUOTE
My question was raised in the ‘RESPONSE’ section of your said article in the ‘Colombo Telegraph’. Normally they are answered on the SAME DAY. You too have followed this practice in your response to Dr Laksiri Fernando vis-à-vis your same article. Whether he is satisfied is a matter for him. It is now FOUR DAYS since my query.
Stock Market ‘Mafia’