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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Gastritis

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Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining that causes nausea, abdominal pain and bloating, indigestion, and an unsettling burning sensation in your stomach between meals or at night. Gastritis can be sudden or chronic; if you leave it untreated, you may run the risk of developing stomach cancer.
Several factors can trigger gastritis. One of the simplest yet significant steps you can take to counter gastritis is to change your diet. That’s why doctors start treatments by telling you to stop eating certain food items that cause gastritis or aggravate the symptoms. Controlling your diet is sometimes the sole treatment for gastritis; so, it’s important for you to know what foods to avoid when you’re prone to the condition.

8 Foods To Avoid During Gastritis

1. Coffee

Avoid Coffee If You Have Gastritis
Though research hasn’t shown any relationship between the development of gastritis and coffee consumption, most gastritis patients complain of discomfort after consuming coffee. So, doctors advise against coffee consumption during gastritis.

2. Alcoholic Drinks

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks If You Have Gastritis
Excessive alcohol consumption is the most common cause of gastritis.1 Alcohol contains certain toxins that can irritate your stomach lining, causing inflammation. Continued alcohol consumption while the lining is still inflamed may cause bleeding and lead to other stomach problems such as ulcers.

3. Salty And Spicy Food

Avoid Salty And Spicy Food If You Have Gastritis
While salty and spicy food items don’t cause gastritis, they can worsen the condition if you already have the symptoms. If you suffer from gastritis, avoid pickles, peppers, fries, and junk foods with high salt and spice content.

4. High-Fat Dairy Products

Avoid High-Fat Dairy Products If You Have Gastritis
Dairy products in their low-fat or fat-free form are considered safe for consumption if you’re suffering from gastritis. High-fat dairy products like milk cream, on the other hand, can trigger the secretion of gastric juices, which may aggravate symptoms.

5. Vinegar And Food Items Made Using Vinegar

Avoid Food Items With Vinegar If You Have Gastritis
Vinegar has an approximate pH of 2.9, which is considered extremely acidic for the stomach. The acidic properties of vinegar may cause discomfort after consumption and should, therefore, be avoided.

6. Onion, Garlic, And Tomatoes

Avoid Onion, Garlic, And Tomatoes If You Have Gastritis
People troubled by gastritis may experience discomfort after consuming these vegetables. Some people complain of burning pain in their stomach after eating onion and garlic, while others can’t tolerate tomatoes. It’s, therefore, advised that people with gastritis avoid these vegetables.

7. Refined Foods

Avoid Refined Foods If You Have Gastritis
Refined foods such as sugar, bread, and pasta contain trans fats that may irritate your stomach lining. If you’re suffering from gastritis, it’s recommended that you reduce your consumption of refined food.

8. Soft Drinks And Other Drinks With Added Sugar

Avoid Drinks With Added Sugar If You Have Gastritis
While people say that soft drinks help with gastritis, this is just a myth. Soft drinks contain added sugar that can irritate your sensitive stomach. The same applies to other drinks with added sugar.

Don’t let your condition worsen. If you have gastritis, make sure that you follow the right diet. Avoid self-medication, and consult your doctor to ensure your diet is safe. Eat healthily, and stay healthy!