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Peace for the World
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Conspiracy hatched by Basil and Sarath Silva to retain unseated Geetha in parliament ! Parliamentary secretary and E.C. president are in league !

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(Lanka-e-News -11.May.2017, 11.30PM) Galle district M.P.Geetha Kumarasinghe who lost her parliamentary seat based on a decision of the appeal court , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , is now seeking dubious and  devious methods to retain her M.P. post in league with  Basil Rajapakse and ex chief justice Sarath N Silva. 
Accordingly , Basil and Sarath N Silva have hatched a conspiracy to secure a restraining  order against the appeal court verdict that rescinded Geetha’s  parliamentary representation , before the appeal filed by  her in the supreme court (SC) is taken up. A lawyer who regularly appears on behalf of the Rajapakses is to request the restraining order on behalf of Geetha. ''Thereafter “our ‘ men’ in the SC will look after the rest ,” Basil and Sarath have whispered.  
The appeal filed by Geetha in the SC being  fixed for hearing on the 12 th itself is in contravention of the SC procedure.  Usually an appeal filed on the 9 th is not heard on the 12 th itself -  the next working day of the  court (10th and 11 th being  intervening holidays) . Hence the SC registrar had colluded with  the Rajapakses who are by now best known for the worst malpractices. 
It is learnt , after getting Geetha extricated from this knot after securing a restraining order , the plan of the Rajapakses is to help Geetha to continue in Parliament while delaying  the relevant case for two and half years until the term of the present parliament terminates.

It is clear the secretary to the parliament and the president of the elections commission have illicitly contributed to the conspiracy to retain Geetha in parliament through hole and corner methods. 
The general secretary to the parliament instead of implementing the verdict delivered by the appeal court against Geetha on  3 rd May which clearly stipulated that Geetha shall be unseated , was dilly dallying with it until the 9 th , wasting a week’s time. His lame excuse was he needed the advice of the Attorney General to implement it .
This contention of the secretary general who was working in the A.G.’s department for some time cannot be accepted under any circumstances  because he must know that when there is a clear court verdict , the A.G.’s advice is absolutely unnecessary. Besides there is a precedent already existing based on  an earlier court decision in Rajitha Senaratne’s case in regard to the unseating of an M.P. in parliament .

The parliamentary secretary after procrastinating and ‘killing’ 7 days, notified the president of the elections commission on the 9th of unseating of Geetha - the  day Geetha filed the appeal . Though the president of the elections commission could have  placed his signature to issue a gazette notification on that day itself , he delayed it , whereby the Rajapakses were  allowed  time to obtain the necessary restraining order. 
Nevertheless , since the present courts are  discharging  duties independently to a great extent , it is doubted whether the evil conspiracy of Basil and Sarath would succeed. 
The cases in the SC  are being heard tomorrow (12) before the following judges.
Court 502 : Justices Buvaneka Aluvihara , Priyantha Jayawardena and Anil Gunaratne
Court 403 : Justices Sisira Abrew , Upali Abeyratne and Nalin Perera .
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