Peace for the World

Peace for the World
First democratic leader of Justice the Godfather of the Sri Lankan Tamil Struggle: Honourable Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam

Friday, May 26, 2017

Commission & Catastrophe Nexus: Proposal To Constitutionalise 10% Commission For Politicians

Dr. Gamini Ilangakoon
logoIf the present writer is to begin this text with its end, what is being suggested hereby is to legally validate a small margin of ten percent commission from the financial profits of Companies, which are entrusted to execute Government projects, in favor of politicians. At the first glance, it seems an ugly, unacceptable, imponderable of and unethical proposal, which should actually be cursed by God.
The proposal being furnished here is not what is really right. It is not wished by the present writer even in a dream. Yet, what is important is the final result. The Asian context has proved beyond doubt that no politician or a bureaucrat can be hundred percent ethical. Yet, the ethicality may constitute a lesser degree below hundred percent. In a manner of speaking, it can be stated that even the Wisdom Teacher like Buddha has failed in generating hundred percent ethicality in the absolute majority of people. Thus, the non-ethical greed is an inborn psychological trait of all unenlightened lay-men. Whether we like or hate it, it has to be rightly dealt with. It, the proposal, has to be read, understood and expounded, not fragmentally and not in isolated parts, but as a whole, in the intensity of its integrity. The fragmented comprehension would be conducive to misinterpretation, misapprehension, misrepresentation and misinformation.
This is a dangerous proposal. No one in Sri Lanka has ever dared to proclaim this proposal, though everyone talks about its validity clandestinely in dark corridors. Truth is not a lie. The proposal roots its basis in the inherent nature and in the inborn psychological traits of man, who has not gone from home to homelessness and who is not spiritually enlightened.
The practice and the life have empirically corroborated the fact that the absence of the legal validity of this proposal has smartly trapped many Asian countries in to the community-prosperity zero, totally ruining the nations and their posterity to come.
Positive Justifications
A politician devotes his whole life to politics. His monthly income is not really sufficient to manage personal family affairs, along with the cost to be incurred in the domain of politics. With his exit from politics, no one cares him and bothers about him, unless his name adds power to vote bank of the party. While being engaged in politics, his wife and children are, for the most part, neglected and the home atmosphere is pressurized. Hence, in the society, while being a proud and respected leader, at the home front, he becomes a coward husband and a disrespected father. The time and the life, a politician could devote for the wellbeing, wealth and prosperity of the family, is dedicated to politics, which renders the family in to destitution, unless indeed empirically engaged in corruption clandestinely. The engagement in pragmatic politics would deprive the wife, of husband’s love and bereave children, of their fatherly affection. There are much more to be said. This is the relativity of the positivity of proposal-negativity.
Negative Justifications
Buddha has successfully failed in ethicalizing the world and in dispelling the evil from the world. Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself, when descended down to earth, in order to sacrifice himself by way of crucifixion, for the salvation of humanity from the original sin of Adam and Eve, was insulted, spat upon, burdened with the cross, and dragged along to the venue of nailing and killed. The greed continues. The hate dominates. The delusion pervades. Hence, the man is selfishly self-centered. Then, the law too has failed successfully. Why? The law makers are not a spiritually enlightened community. Their minds are trapped in greed, girded with hatred and defiled by delusion. If the Buddha and Christ, worshipped universally by billions of people daily, have failed, what to say about law, written by psycho-physical souls, deposited with overflowing greed, hatred and delusion?