Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Allocate money for safety of kids’ hearts – COC

Allocate money for safety of kids’ hearts – COC

May 07, 2017

After the Yahapalana government allocated money for buy luxury vehicles for ministers Citizens’ Organizations’ Collective called for a press conference held at CSR on May 7, 2017 and urged government to give a priority to allocate money for safety of kids’ hearts.

Left Centre Co-cordinator Chameera Perera said that Little Hearts Centre needs 2000million rupees for put up Heart Centre at the Child care Hospital in Colombo.
“Yahapalana government has been allocated 3360 million rupees for buy seven luxury vehicles for ministers. It is not an urgent need. The urgent need is build the Heart Centre for kids who have heart diseases.
Chamara Nakandala, convener of Parapuraka balaya said that government does not have money to pay Rs. 15,000 recent flood victims of Kelaniya and Kaduwela.  
“As well as government failed to pay compensation for Aranayaka landslide victims and bomb blast victims of Salawa. But they have money to spend millions of rupees for buy luxury vehicles for ministers,” said Nakandala.
Priyadharshani Ariyaratne and D. M. D. Abeyratne also spoke out at the press conference
Photos and reported by Lawrence Ferdinando