Peace for the World

Peace for the World
First democratic leader of Justice the Godfather of the Sri Lankan Tamil Struggle: Honourable Samuel James Veluppillai Chelvanayakam

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nallur fishermen struggle for land rights

Nallur fishermen struggle for land rights
Apr 05, 2017

The Northern fishermen have been continuously protesting and demanding the government to provide them land in the coastal areas and allow them to engage in their fishing activities peacefully. These fishermen urge the government to confiscate the Indian fishing vessels that encroach on Sri Lankan territorial waters but release the Indian fishermen.

However, despite their grievances being brought to the notice of all concerned and with no solutions in sight and no one coming forward to help these people, recently the Northern fishermen went to the Nallur temple and issued a statement citing their grievances and the pathetic plight they are in. Their intention in doing so was to get the attention of the UN and all concerned officials, through this media coverage and as a result seek solutions to their issues.
This is the Nallur Declaration, Declaration of Land Campaigners to win land rights in Sri Lanka 
Around 50 members of the following communities Panama, Irudeniyaya, Pulakkudiruppu,Sampur, Valikamam North,(Myleddi),Keppapliawu,Kalpitiya, Colombo Port City, Pelawatte,Pallimunai, Ashrof Nagar &Mullikulam gathered in Chunnakam from 2nd to 4th April, to share our experiences and reflected upon our own struggle. They said , We are the representatives and active members of the above mentioned communities engaged in the continuous struggle in obtaining the right to exercise our land rights, hereby declare our expectations. Many of us lost our houses, our agriculture lands and our coastal fishing areas due to war and enforced economic policies. Businesses and security forces are occupying our ancestral land and restrict our livelihoods.

We as citizens of Sri Lanka were awaken with hope by the change that was brought by the majority of people on 8th of January 2015. Many times the Sri Lankan Government promised to release our lands and coastal areas but they never kept their promises.
Their demands:
We want our basic needs fulfilled and infrastructure developed
We want our lands back
We want our coastal fishing areas back
We want our cultivation land back
We want legal ownership of our lands
We want to live in our own Houses
We want our destroyed houses being rebuilt in the same manner
We want compensation for the time of occupation of our lands
We want support to restart our traditional livelihood
Give us hope and win our trust, We expect the Government to keep to its promises
Allow us to act freely, without fear and stop surveillance by the Intelligence personnel aswe engage in our struggle to win our rights for life.
We appeal to all people from all communities to join hands with us in our struggle
On day 4th of April 2017, at the premises of Nallur Temple They pledge to continue their struggle for own rights and demands until the government will fulfilled.
AshWaru Colombo