Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

IGP wreaks havoc not enough his koloma (clowning) on Police sports meet day !

-How can discipline be maintained when IGP misbehaves? High rung officers ask

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News- 05.April.2017, 3.40PM)  The Police  held its  80 th annual Information division athletics meet for three full days at the police playground . However to the utter dismay of all   ,  IGP Poojitha Jayasundara  under the influence of liquor  made an exhibition of himself by behaving most offensively hugging and embracing the police constables (male and female) while joking around like a clown   during the  musical  show that followed in the night on the 2nd.   In fact his behavior or rather misbehavior had been frowned upon and bitterly condemned by the high rung police officers.
The police officers who conduct themselves responsibly have charged, due to this misbehavior of the IGP wildly dancing and clowning under the influence of liquor despite being  the highest in the hierarchy of the police force , is turning the police department into a mental asylum and  the discipline of the police  force is fast crumbling to dust.
Much worse ! Poojitha behaved like a lunatic and clown not only on the musical night , but even on the previous days . Wearing a sports  event  Tee shirt he  was seen   squeezing the bums of youthful officers  ( male and female ), and conducting himself most obnoxiously and disgracefully. Witnesses say they have seen this type of squeezing and groping  being  done  only in buses  ,by uncouth frustrated  rowdies and pickpockets.
During the women’s marathon event , at the end of the marathon   when the young women officers were tending  to fall , the IGP has hugged and squeezed them  shamelessly   most unbecoming of an IGP.
An officer who respects decorum and  dignity said , this is the first time an IGP conducted himself so frustratingly , disgracefully and disgustingly. Never did any other IGP voluntarily or otherwise degrade himself like this  in the past  during which period 79 such annual events were held . 
Even during the fireworks display  on the final day , grave issues have cropped up. Though the playground was in the vicinity of the President’s residence , the PSD providing security to the president was not informed of the firework display .
Therefore the sudden fireworks display has alarmed the PSD , and they have beefed up the president’s security detail. Unbelievably , all this tension to presidential  security has been created by the Police sports meet in which the IGP of all people  participated .  Since never before at a Police athletic meet there has been a fireworks display , a complaint has been made to the president. As the Police force hasn’t funds to waste on such fireworks displays , it is being probed whether that display was sponsored by a heroin magnate associated with Poojitha. 
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