Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Heroin worth Rs. 162mn, largest recovered from Northern Sea - Navy


The Navy said today that yesterday’s seizure of the 13.5 kilos of heroin in the Northern Sea was the largest haul raided by the Navy from the Northern Sea. 

The Navy said the haul had a street value of about Rs. 162 million.

 Navy Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Chandima Walakuluge said six Indian nationals were arrested with the heroin, when they tried to smuggle it into the country in a trawler.

 He said the heroin and the suspects were handed over to the Police Narcotics Bureau.

Six Indians arrested with 13.5 kg of heroin


Six Indian national, who attempted to smuggle 13.5 kilogrammes of heroin into the country in a trawler, were arrested by the Navy in the Northern sea area last night. 

Navy said the arrested suspects along with the drugs were to be handed over to the Police Narcotic Bureau.