Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Derana multiplies its offences ! ‘Derana deal’ report - Media secretary sends in reply….

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News-22.April2017, 11.45PM)  Lanka e news on the 18 th reported “Derana had put through a ‘deal’ with media minister and president; Good governance government had abjectly surrendered to the ‘illicit filthy lucre’ of Jayaweera”. It was revealed that following the investigation conducted against Derana , the latter had put  through a ‘deal’ with the president after  meeting with him, and the media ministry secretary was  intimated of this in writing by Derana .We are now n receipt of the reply sent by the media ministry secretary in response to the report. In his reply the secretary says , the answer provided by Derana cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

That reply states further, neither the president nor the minister in charge are contemplating an intervention to deliver  a judgment  . Hence by Derana distorting the  true picture by a written notification that they  are  intervening , has possibly committed yet another offence.
It has been pointed out , the relevant media personnel  by launching a vicious  attack targeting the media secretary in between the Derana Aruna program ,  has rendered  Derana which has already committed a wrong even more  guilty by multiplying its wrong already committed.   
According to this letter , the secretary has sent a copy thereof  to the SLT regulatory commission which says a decision is to be taken  in regard to Derana. Hence ,though a decision is to be taken against Derana , it has not been revealed yet , what  that is going to be. 
The view expressed by  senior media personnel and legal experts is , the license of Derana may be suspended for 3 months. They also indicated  , a wrong has been committed  which  could warrant a suspension of the license ,and under this government , there is no media suppression owing to that  . It  was the opinion of the majority  , if Derana does not respond duly , a suspension of license could be the result .
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