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Peace for the World
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ANALYSIS: Yazidis fear fresh war as Turkey hits Kurdish militants in Sinjar

Turkey this week began hitting PKK affiliates in Sinjar. For the Yazidis who survived IS genocide, there is now a new threat in their homeland

A displaced Iraqi man from the Yazidi community on the outskirts of Sinjar (AFP)
Wladimir van Wilgenburg's pictureWladimir van Wilgenburg-Thursday 27 April 2017

ERBIL, Iraq – After surviving a brutal Islamic State assault, surviving Yazidis on Mount Sinjar must contend with Turkey's latest aerial campaign – which now adds Iraq to the list.
Earlier this week, Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish militants in Iraq's Sinjar region for the first time, following a deadly assault against US-backed Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.