Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mattala paddy sold dirt cheap to Aloysius’ distillery to make liquor


March 27, 2017

The distillery to be build at Kalkuda by Arjun Aloysius’ Perpetual Treasuries Ltd that has been involved in the infamous bond scam has been given 4000 metric tons of paddy from Mattala paddy store at Rs. 28 a kilo complains the National Organizer of All Ceylon Farmers’ Federation JVP Councilor in North – Western Provincial Council Namal Karunaratna.

Mr. Karunaratna says a reasonable suspicion has developed that the distillery is built where the largest paddy producing districts Ampara and Polonnaruwa intersect mainly to use the paddy productions in the two districts in producing liquor that would result in skyrocketing rice prices.
He said the cabinet has not approved the construction of the distillery and from statements of Minister Malik Samarawickreme, the Chief Minister of Eastern Provincial Council and the BOI indicate the distillery is being build without their knowledge.
Mr. Karunaratna asks where did Arjun family get the authority from to build the distillery when all information regarding the bond scam has been revealed through Central Bank audit report, COPE report and the investigations being carried out by the Presidential Commission.
The National Organizer of the All Ceylon Farmers’ Federation says when paddy is sold at Rs.28 a kilo to produce liquor the consumer will have to pay very high prices for his rice.