Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dehere goda , Thanthri goda put Mayura …goda (rescue Mayura )

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News -25.March.2017, 3.00 PM)   Shockingly  , Mayura Samarakoon of the social science faculty of Sri Jayawardenapura University was  awarded the post of  professor   based on the robbed books published by him. Indeed Lanka e news which espouses the cause of truth come what may revealed this villainy and robbery with evidence some time ago, while some other media too reported this shameless action.
Mayura the maara  hora (nocturnal rogue) had even secured the M.A. degree by robbing the independent thesis written by  another student. Ironically ,  University administration without taking any  action against it , had instead appointed this accomplished thief as the chief (chairman ) of the  examination irregularities  board . This is like handing over the coop with  fowls to the wolf.
Even the COPE committee that met recently has recommended the University to probe into this thief the chief Mayura ‘s  planned  robbery. Despite this , the University administration had permitted Mayura to use the escape route.
The members appointed to the committee to investigate Mayura’s robbery were Thanthrigoda the professor  of Physics faculty , and Deheregoda the professor  of the faculty of Geography.
Unfortunately , Deheregoda happens to be a bosom pal of the maara hora Mayura .  Hence a neutral group linked to the University bemoaned , both the Godas –Thanthrigoda and Deheregoda must have got together and put Mayura mithura (friend) the maara hora .. goda (out of danger). 
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