Peace for the World

Peace for the World
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Embattled Rajapakses suffer defeat in cyber contest : Mody’s lackey paid Rs. 100 million to rescue government

LEN logo(Lanka-e-News- 2014.Dec.03, 4.40PM) The Medamulana Rajapakses who have already faced defeat at the Presidential elections in the cyber battle, have got down an Indian national to the Temple Trees after paying a sum of Indian Rs. 100 million , based on Lanka e news inside information division reports.
The name of this Indian is Arvind Gupta , who during the elections of Indian Prime Minister Mody , monitored latter’s social network . Gupta had arrived in Sri Lanka along with four others on the 21 st of November , and undertaken the monitoring of the Presidential social network campaign of Mahinda Rajapakse .
Gupta and his team have already begun their operations on the second floor of the President’s office at Temple Trees . Working along with them is a Sri Lankan team. Already , based on the social network monitoring, President Rajapakse is a defeated candidate . Hence , the advice of Gupta and his team to Rajapakse was , via clandestine accounts access the social network, and furnish answers favorable to the moribund government .
In the circumstances , if you discover comments in your social network that are extolling the government, and probe who are those maneuvering and manipulating them , you will realize who is behind them and their phony face book accounts . They are none other than Gupta and his team. This Gupta team is here not with the knowledge or approval of the Indian government. The contracted payment to them is Ind. Rupees 100 million which in SL currency is over Rs.200 million 30 % of the contracted amount has already been paid , and it has been remitted to India illegally. It is learnt that by now , the Indian anti corruption squad is getting ready to commence action against Gupta to legally reveal how these monies were obtained.
It may sound strange but it is true , while Gupta is manipulating the social network on the second floor of Temple Trees , the Chinese nationals on the lower floor are engaged in hacking the anti government website social network etc. and debarring them.
Meanwhile websites that were operating for some time doing the sordid biddings of the government via sly and slimy methods ,while masquerading as enemies of the government have now come to the open; they are currently promoting the government’s foul objectives through secret agendas. These websites were banned falsely to give the impression these are anti government websites. At the crucial moments they display their true colors to boost the insidious agendas of the government .
One illustration of these insidious schemes is : the false news reports in those websites that UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake was defecting to the government; and he had been paid a sum of Rs. 200 million as advance , which the English editions published. Much to the disappointment and dismay of these schemers and deceivers , Tissa Attanayake categorically announced in Parliament two days later that he would never cross over to the government , and those reports were mendacious.
The present political climate vis a vis the acute desperate state of the moribund government is : while brokers and middlemen of the government are going in search of opposition politicos to give colossal bribes , these unscrupulous websites that have taken bribes from the government are publishing and splashing headline news canards on behalf of the embattled government.
The second strategy is to reveal via a website which is under the pay of the government but masquerading as its enemies , a list of names of the politicos who are actually going to defect from the government to the opposition alongside the opposition progressive journey of Maithri. But the government ploy is to publish via this clandestine website of it that the name list was received from the government describing them as its enemies , and dupe opposition thereby.
By this maneuver of exposing these names , what the government seeks to accomplish is , deter and daunt those government politicos who are truly trying to cross over to the opposition . Moreover it provides the Rajapakse regime with the opportunity to identify those potential defectors and avert the defections while the opposition is deceived into believing that this name list was received by the website because it is anti government.
What these pro government shameless scoundrels did after revealing this name list was ,removing this news posting from the website after a few days.
It is most important and imperative that those who are engaged in the opposition Presidential campaign take precaution against the Chinese hackers and Indian Guptas as well as those Sri Lankan kaputas (ravens) who are remaining close with the opposition but betraying them from top to toe.
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